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How do I get more players?

Many bingo managers have questions about getting more players to their bingo hall. Get on the phone with us today so we can help your bingo hall be more successful. Plus, it's free!

Best Text Marketing Messages For Bingo Halls

Best Performing Text Marketing Messages To Bingo Players The Show This And Get Something Text Message Show this and receive $5 off when you purchase both sessions at the same time! This is a great type of text marketing message. Considering that the $5 off is a loss-leader, it drives bingo players to the hall and…

How Text Marketing Works for Bingo Halls

How Text Marketing Works For Bingo Halls How do I get more players? Many people have questions about getting more heat in the seats – because that’s what it’s all about. Get on the phone with us to see what we’ve done to make bingo halls more successful. Plus, it’s free! Get A Free Consultation…

10 Popular 70’s Sitcoms – Pt. 1

There were many memorable TV sitcoms in the 1970’s written by talented writers, not like those of today where unscripted reality TV programs or game shows can be found on almost any channel at almost any given time. Those are fun and entertaining, but sometimes we just want to see some good-hearted, funny characters. Here…

Our Favorite Etsy Products

Do you shop on Etsy to find that one of a kind, handmade item for yourself or as gift to a fellow bingo lover? Here are some ideas of items we thought you might like, along with links directly to them. Have fun shopping around! Bingo Bag Here's a bingo bag every bingo player can…

Our Favorite Bingo Memes – Pt. 3

A third part?! Yep! We hope you enjoyed our first two posts of our favorite bingo memes. Part one starts with our most popular meme, and part two continues with a few more. But we decided to add yet another post because there were so many popular memes. These are from some of our older posts…

Our Favorite Bingo Memes – Pt. 2

Here is part two of our series: Our Favorite Bingo Memes, as promised! Part one starts with our most popular meme so far. We hope you enjoy these and have a good laugh, especially if you missed these the first time around. If you haven't already, like our Facebook page so you don't miss any…

Our Favorite Bingo Memes – Pt. 1

Have you been keeping up with our posts on our Facebook page?  We have put together a number of our favorite memes. These were so funny, we wanted to share them in case you missed any. We selected some of these based on which ones got the most likes, comments, and shares- along with just…

10 Life Hacks – Pt. 2

Did you like our first article with examples of five life hacks? Hopefully you've already tried most of them. Here are a few more to try. Enjoy! There are many more life hacks that are very useful. We only picked the top ten that we thought our readers would find the most helpful in their…

10 Life Hacks – Pt. 1

Life hacks are shortcuts or tips that increase efficiency in all walks of life. Some will save you time, some will save you money, some will do both! Here are the first five life hacks we've put together that will simplify and improve your everyday life. They're simple and cheap! Make sure to check out…

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad… Bulldog?

Did you know that bulldogs are among the most popular dog breeds in the world? They rank fourth among pet dogs in America. Contrary to their stigma of being a scary animal, bulldogs are commonly sweet, friendly, and non-aggressive. Their small size makes them easier to keep in an apartment, plus they don’t require a…

How do I get more players?

Many bingo managers have questions about getting more players to their bingo hall. Get on the phone with us today so we can help your bingo hall be more successful. Plus, it's free!

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