4 Ways To Make Your Bingo Hall More Profitable

It’s not your Grandma’s bingo anymore…

Nowadays profitability means a bingo hall must be more tech savvy with its promotions. Surprising to many, bingo players are not all grannies swallowed world of thing-a-magigs… what are they called again? That’s right, smartphones.

Update it, and they will come...

Surprisingly, a lot of bingo halls still don’t have a website. How are customers supposed to find your hall? 92% of bingo players surveyed spend time searching online for things to buy, places to go, and things to do. Building a website is the first step, but many don’t realize that building is only half the battle…

“Build it and they will come.” Field of Dreams only had it half right. So we’re going to revise it to “Update it, and they will come.” Google loves when your website is constantly being updated and will reward you with higher search results. Studies show that customers trust higher search results, especially when they’re looking for a new place to yell “bingo”. So give your customers, especially potential customers, something to find.


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Text your way into their hearts.

98% of people read a text message within 15 minutes of receiving it. Bingo players love their phones just as much as they love your hall. Text marketing can give your hall the edge it needs over the competition. A good tip is to text your customers at least twice a week. Text marketing can be tricky, so don’t leave it to amateurs. Check out this post on our Best Performing Text Marketing Messages.

Email your customers... REGULARLY.

Email has always been an effective means to reach customers. Many bingo halls collect customers’ email addresses but don’t use them; this is the worst thing you can do since the stats tell us that an email list decays by 25% every year. Email allows you to constantly talk with your customers. The best way to collect email addresses is to add a sign-up form to your website. You can also collect them in the bingo hall and upload them to your email service later. Don’t be a knucklehead: start collecting and start emailing. Mailchimp is a good service to use.

Make a pretty Face

Our surveys show that 87% of players regularly use Facebook, and you always want to be where your customers are. Many halls make the ginormous mistake of using a personal page and not a Facebook Business Page. You want to use a business page because it is open to every Facebook user, provides analytics, has more reach, and allows you to place ads.

For just dollars on the session, a hall can put more heat in the seats and up its profits using the right technology. Choosing the right company to market your services is critical in this process. You definitely want a company that understands this business and specializes in marketing for bingo halls.

Download our Free Facebook Guide walking you through how to get more players to your bingo hall.


Instantly Get More Players From Facebook!